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5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Set Up Your Strategy

The holiday season is upon us and it is time to kick off your holiday marketing campaigns.  Get the website ready to deliver a seamless experience and stand out from the competitors. November is becoming one of the most important months for online shopping globally due to introduction of four holidays that influence the Australian […]

Why Logo Design Is Important For A Business?

When starting a new business, the first to think about is the name of the business, where and how it will operate. And one of the last things to be considered is create a logo which is necessary for visually promoting the business on a website or an ad. Resist the urge to DIY logo […]


Website traffic is an important indicator of business growth. Generating more leads will help to gather audience insight, improve SEO and search engine credibility. As a result, this will increase conversions and attract more customers. There are two effective ways to increase website traffic. One is free which involves search engine optimization, setting up Google […]

How Often Should You Update Your Website?

Technology has changed over the years and updating a website regularly has many benefits – especially over the long term. First, this is a great way to update customers about business news. Secondly, it improves SEO; websites that are frequently updated with relevant and current content have a higher value on search engines ranking. Whether […]

How Local SEO Can Help You Get More Customers

  Over the years, an increasing amount of people look online to find local products and services through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Customers searching for a nearby business take more notice of listed businesses within search engines that use their geographic location as a ranking factor. Local SEO vs SEO Local SEO […]

What is SEO and What are Google Ads?

  If you have a website or an online business the following terms may ring a bell: SEO and Google Ads. They are the top 2 methods to get found when people perform searches in online. Right now, potential customers are searching online for what your business offers. Will your website be found? Why Google […]

6 Social Media Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

  The Holiday Sales season is quickly approaching and social media can have an important influence on your customer’s purchase decision or gift ideas. 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media. Setting the right strategy on social media is essential to increase brand awareness, increase engagement and turn online audiences into customers. […]

What is a Landing Page? And When Should I Use on My Website?

  Some clients call up asking to have a landing page, as they have heard how important these are to generate business online. But first of all, what is landing page? It is a web page that visitors and potential customers can land on because of an ad, internet search or email marketing campaign which […]

How to convert your website visitors into leads

Don’t invest in increasing your website traffic without ensuring your site can convert traffic to leads. Firstly you need to focus on the design of your website. Does your site tick all of the design must haves below? Call to action buttons. What do you want the visitor to do? Fill in a form? Call […]

One tip on increasing leads and sales from your site

  What is a “Call to action” button? It is normally a phone number or an enquiry / booking link. It is always a bright colour or at least it stands out from the rest of the website, helping your potential customers find your contact details and therefore convert your users into leads and then […]

How does your business generate new leads?

Many businesses rely too heavily on one marketing source for new business leads. It’s only until that marketing source dries up you realise all your eggs were in one basket. In today’s ever changing online world there are so many different options available to help grow your business. Taking on a multi-channel approach to your […]