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AU Digital is a full service website agency with the expertise and experience to assist with all your website needs. We specialise in website design and development and have the creative, technical and marketing expertise to deliver the best online solution for your business.

We are based in Brookvale in the Northern Beaches with a smaller office in Marrickville in the Inner West of Sydney and we work with local, national and international clients. We have representatives in most areas around Australia with existing clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

Over the last 20 years our focus has not changed. Our job is to keep an eye out on technology changes so that our customers don't need to and as trusted advisors help our customers grow their businesses and improve the way they work.

We understand that business relationships are more like partnerships and your website can define who you are and what you stand for. A customer will decide whether they will do business with you in a matter of seconds just by looking at your website.

A well crafted and designed website can help you attract the right customers to your business which you can measure and ultimately convert into sales. Let us help you build credibility and work with your customers to turn them into advocates of your business.

Move with technology

The web is ever changing. We follow the trends in technology and design changes. From parallax scrolling, retina display, HTML5 animation, to CSS3 updates.

Give great service

Customer relationships are important to us. We believe that websites require ongoing service so we do our best to make this easy for you.

Focus on solutions

We listen to your needs and brainstorm to work out the best solutions that suit your requirements and budget.

Strive for excellence

Our team has dedication and passion and strives to achieve the best quality outcomes.

We provide friendly advice and quality of service.
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