Don’t invest in increasing your website traffic without ensuring your site can convert traffic to leads. Firstly, you need to focus on the design of your website. Does your site tick all of the design must haves below?

  1. Call to action buttons. What do you want the visitor to do? Fill in a form? Call you? Subscribe? Buy? These options need to stand out from the rest of the site. They should be visible to the visitor at all times. Any action like filling in an enquiry form should be very easy to do.
  2. Contact details. Even if these are not in your list of targeted actions above, they should still be highly visible. Your email does not need to be shown. Enquiry forms are best for this to avoid spam. However, your phone number should be visible. It conveys trust just being there.
  3. Usability. How easy is your site to use? Could a monkey navigate their way through the site? Is the menu clear and easy to use? Can visitors find what they are looking for in one click? Is the site mobile responsive and therefore easy to use on a mobile or tablet? People are not patient when browsing and give up quickly if downloading or navigation takes too long.
  4. Design or use trust seals like “30 days guaranteed” or any awards won. Safe purchasing online seals are possible too if you use certain payment methods. Anything to reduce the anxiety of the buyer here is helpful. Another way to reduce anxiety is to repeat keywords that help the sale like ‘free’, ‘guarantee’, and ‘money back’.
  5. Avoid cookie-cutter template / theme sites. These are great to keep your budget down and fine only if you need a ‘brochure website’.  They do not do the job when converting traffic into leads counts.


Finally, you need to test your site and continuously work on it. A lot of people view their website as a one-off task. Websites are now part of every company’s marketing strategies and should be worked on continuously to keep sales figures high. If you don’t need to generate leads with your website, then none of this matters. You simply need to make sure your site works and looks professional. As for the rest of us, we need to get back to working on that website. We offer website maintenance packages where AU Digital can do the edits each month for you. For a website redesign quote that includes all or any of the above contact us today!