Many businesses rely too heavily on one marketing source for new business leads. It’s only until that marketing source dries up you realise all your eggs were in one basket.

In today’s ever changing online world there are so many different options available to help grow your business. Taking on a multi-channel approach to your marketing is the most effective way to generate new business. Diversifying is sometimes the best form of insurance.
Look what happened when Google started making regular algorithm updates. Thousands of websites are now regularly downgraded or removed from Google’s index resulting in companies losing a lot of business and sometimes closing down.

Ask yourself – Does my marketing strategy include SEO, AdWords, display advertising, social media, email marketing, direct marketing ? To ensure your marketing strategy is comprehensive and diverse you need to combine two to three of these lead generation tools.
The types of marketing sources you combine will also depend on your business type. To be successful it’s also about experimenting with what works best for your business.

SEO is a key ingredient in your long term marketing strategy but you may not have considered combining Google AdWords for quiet periods of business or to promote sales periods. Google display advertising is also a good add-on to an SEO campaign to increase your brand awareness and create more sales.

Integrating your social media with your website will save you time and pushes your brand out to the masses. When you make a post on your blog or Facebook page it updates all your social media platforms in one easy step.

Email marketing and keeping in touch with your clients can be made simpler by integrating your newsletter program with your website. You can capture customer’s details when they visit the site, email marketing lists are automatically updated and you can send regular marketing updates in a professional looking newsletter template.

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