The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for business services and retailers. Business owners may experience a peak in the services by emergency tradesmen or impulsive-driven purchases for retailers.

This is the best time to take advantage of Google Ads for fast results and to ensure the business shows up at the top of the customer’s search. But remember to incorporate holiday messages, emphasize holiday-specific services and create eye-catching text ads to drive clicks.


Why Google Ads?

If your website is not ranking for your business keywords in the search, it’s too late in November to start an SEO campaign which takes longer to show results.  You need fast results in a short time period.

You can reach people with Google Ads as they search for specific words and phrases – called keywords. The ad can appear on Google searches and its partnered websites.


Why Advertise Over Holiday Season?

Some statistics you should consider:

  • During holiday, usually CTRs (Click Through Rates) rise 100% and conversion rates go up 60%. This is the perfect time to attract new customers.
  • Typically ad impression increases 50% and direct traffic goes up by 150% during holiday season.
  • While on holiday, 92% of shoppers buy or at least research online. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly to not lose opportunity.

During the holiday season, there is more competition on online ads and you might see higher cost per click. But on the other hand, this might be a great opportunity to offer your service to a wider range of new buyers with increased web traffic.


Web Traffic Increases

Holidays are when people have time to spend on the internet searching for things between other activities. For this reason, Google has aptly named this phenomenon “Micro-Moments”, where people reflexively turn to their device for an immediately answer, do something and research a solution for their inquiries. How many times a day do you Google it for an answer?

As a business owner, you want your services to be there during the Micro-Moments.


Spending Increases

Holiday time is when people have spare time to buy the things whether because they were time poor previously or holding off on that special purchase.  Think about what your business can offer to them to fill the gaps with things to make them happy. Usually people spend more during this period, how can your business can take an advantage of that?


New Year’s Resolutions

This time of the year people want to change their lives. Renovate their home, buy a new furniture, start a gym, get healthier or buy the special trip. Think how your product or service can benefit them? And how people will be searching for a product or service?

A Remarketing campaign is a technique which can be used to recapture audience who visited your website. If you want to increase the chance for people to find your service or product, online ads is the best and quickest solution.


Services and Trades

Demand increases for emergency tradesmen during this period. If you are a tradesperson you should be advertising. It’s important the ads to be specific to let people know that you’re open during this period and have call extension active to convert the calls.



Research about your competitors, do they advertise during this period? If not, you are one step ahead with Google Ads, getting a higher exposure to your business on Google search.  If your competitor does, what kind of ads are they using and how can your ads work better?

Without Google Ads, competitors will rank in a higher position and your business will be harder to be found in the Google search.

Still in doubt on how to advertise your business over Holiday Season?

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