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How Long Does It Take For My Website To Rank With SEO Campaign?

Whether you just launched a new website or updated an old one, you want the business to be found on the first page of Google search or other major search engines. SEO plays an important role to increase the business’ online presence. It is natural that questions come to mind such as, what is SEO […]

How Local SEO Can Help You Get More Customers

  Over the years, an increasing amount of people look online to find local products and services through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Customers searching for a nearby business take more notice of listed businesses within search engines that use their geographic location as a ranking factor. Local SEO vs SEO Local SEO […]

What is SEO and What are Google Ads?

  If you have a website or an online business the following terms may ring a bell: SEO and Google Ads. They are the top 2 methods to get found when people perform searches in online. Right now, potential customers are searching online for what your business offers. Will your website be found? Why Google […]

What is a Landing Page? And When Should I Use on My Website?

  Some clients call up asking to have a landing page, as they have heard how important these are to generate business online. But first of all, what is landing page? It is a web page that visitors and potential customers can land on because of an ad, internet search or email marketing campaign which […]

5 Ways to Improve Website Traffic

  Website traffic is a fantastic way to drive business growth. By gathering insights about your audience and improving search engine credibility, you can generate more leads and attract more customers. It is not easy to stand out above the competition, so here are some basic tips that can help you increase web traffic and […]

Why Google My Business is Important For Local Businesses

  An important factor in the success of any small business is making sure potential customers can find key information online in a quick and convenient way. Many people are not willing to enter a website when searching for a business, so registering with Google My Business can be a good way for you to […]

What is a landing page?

Some clients call up saying they want a landing page. This means they have heard how important these are to generate business online. We then need to explain what makes a landing page. Any page online can be a page that visitors and potential customers can land on. It could be your homepage, about us […]

Google has changed the SEO rules

What has worked for SEO in the past now may actually lower your Google rankings for your website. Why ? Since 2011 Google now has regular Algorithm updates. You may have heard of the following SEO terms: Hummingbird Panda Penguin They are Google Algorithm updates which target content, backlinks, design quality and more. On a […]