Some clients call up saying they want a landing page. This means they have heard how important these are to generate business online. We then need to explain what makes a landing page. Any page online can be a page that visitors and potential customers can land on. It could be your homepage, about us page, product page, or any page. When we set up a client’s SEO or AdWords campaign we link each Ad to a landing page. If each Ad has their own page which is all about that product or service, then the landing page should be more successful in converting the visitor into a customer. If you search for “car repairs Sydney” and your search result takes you to a car repair shop in Sydney but the page you land on is about car paint jobs… how will you feel?

landing page website SEO Adwords optimisation

Each site needs to be optimised to have specific pages for each of your products and services. An alternative to having a page dedicated to each product is to have a blog post dedicated to each service. Blogging is an effective tool for generating organic search results if you know how to set up your post correctly. Your blog post pages should also have an enquiry form with all your contact details visible. This way visitors do not need to navigate away from the page they have landed on to contact you. The less barriers of communication and contact the better.

We hope this helps you make a better decision when planning out your website and online marketing. If you have an questions about this article feel free to call us today on 02 99073136