Website Maintenance Packages – Why do we need them?

Your website is just like a car. It needs regular checkups and maintenance for general wear and tear. Sometimes it even needs to be fixed due to break ins. These break ins may include malware attacks. You need to regularly update your website security by updating your software to the latest versions to avoid them. The more functionality your website has, the more updates it needs. When you update your website software (plugins and modules) certain parts of the site can break and need immediate repairs. Being signed up to a Maintenance Package means this is all taken care of in advance. Leaving you to focus on your business and not on website issues. Other benefits of updates include fixes to bugs and new features and functionality.


You can regularly update your CMS/eCommerce systems and plugins yourself by going into the backend of your site (the administration section) and updating them via the plugin section. However, you need to be careful as doing this may lead to malfunctions as customisations may be overwritten. You should then test your site and if there are any issues contact a web developer to fix these issues. This can lead to down time of your site though which is why more and more customers are seeing the value of signing up to a regular maintenance package.
Our monthly website maintenance packages are simple, provide quality service, and give you the peace of mind to know your website is being looked after and can be fixed quickly if needed.
Tailored Support Packages: You can choose one or all of the following items

  • Customer support
  • Website Monitoring and Updates of the CMS or eCommerce systems
  • Server Monitoring
  • Website Updates: Changing text and images
  • Hacked website fixes

Do you have any of the following website Content Management Systems or eCommerce Systems? If you do click the links below to read about the security issues and advice on how to keep your website healthy.
Word Press
Open Cart
X -Cart

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