In 2018, performance is going to be king in the web design world – especially for mobile design. With new trends and continuous advancements in technology, now is the time to review strategic plans for the year ahead, analyse what it is not working, and make adjustments where necessary.

AU Digital have selected some trends to watch out for in 2018 to help your business make a great impact with its go-to-market strategy and avoid missing out on opportunities.


Better Mobile Experience

Google is slowly beginning to rollout its Mobile First-Index, meaning the search engine will give preference to website that are more mobile responsive – whether the search is made on mobile or desktop. If you have a website that gives a seamless experience across all devices then you won’t have to worry about this update. But if your website is non-mobile friendly then get ready to lose some traffic.

Over recent years internet users have spent more and more time on mobiles over desktops. To adjust to this trend, make sure that search terms are as natural as possible. Consider what customers would ask to find information they need, such as “where can I find black sneakers on the northern beaches?” These long-tailed keywords will perform better with Google typed or spoken.

If you don’t know if your website is responsive, Google has developed a tool that you can test your website in a few minutes. You can access the tool clicking on this link:



A lot has been said about micro-moments in 2017. These actions happen when a person uses their device (usually mobile) to act, inquire, learn, find, watch or buy something in an instant. The trick for marketers in 2018 will be to anticipate these needs and provide the appropriate information for the customer whenever they want it. The website should give clients the exact information they want in just one click to build trust and establish a relationship.

With more people than ever using devices to act on a certain need, 2018 will see a significant rise in micro-moments. Therefore, mobile websites will be crucial to give prompt information to website users. Companies that most effectively provide what customers need in micro-moments will take a step ahead of competition.


The Increase of Voice-Search and Digital Assistants

Google reports indicate that 55% of teens and 40% of adults use voice searching daily. Voice searches are easier than typing and tend to have more long-tailed content than text searches. With new voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri, this is a trend that will clearly grow in 2018. SEO strategies will need to be optimised for long-tail search keyword phrases and natural language that will match the customers conversation tone.


Use of Chatbots

Chatbots are opening up a new way to interact with customers on a 24/7 basis and stimulate the relationship between customer and brand. They operate through messenger apps and can be used by big or small businesses to send personalized offers to customers, suggest a purchase, or just to communicate. In 2018, chatbots will be improved by using customer data to make more personalized recommendations. Facebook messenger has over 1.2 billion users worldwide, creating a big opportunity to interact and offer the right product at the right time to enhance customer service.

These are just some of the trends to watch out for in the upcoming year. To stand out above competition and make your online business successful a balance must be found between content creation, social media, website design, SEO and personalized ads.

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