Nowadays, with the advance of the internet, it is crucial for almost every business to have a website that stands out from the competition and is easily found in an online search.

Websites are a great opportunity to make a good first impression and lead to the conversion of a potential customer. However, a large number of websites are poorly designed and take a while to load, which could result in rapid rejection and mistrust of the site.


Make a Good First Impression

It is said that it takes only 50 milliseconds for users to make an opinion about a website. This means customers make quick judgements about your business that will determine if they stay or leave the site. First impressions are over 90% design related, meaning if the website is not attractive the user will not explore beyond the homepage. It is essential in today’s market to grab the users’ attention straight away with an attractive design. This will determine how people trust and interact with your business, encourage return visits and avoid customers leaving to look for an alternative company.


Reader Friendly

It is important to optimize website content to ensure the message is effective, aesthetic and easy to read. If the content lacks readability the user is going to leave your website and you have lost a potential customer.

To improve readability, choose fonts wisely and use headlines. Different fonts may be used for headlines but use capital and lowercase letters to make the content easily skimmed. Another important aspect to consider for readability is having a balanced contrast between text and background.


Improve Your Website Performance

The longer a user has to wait for a website to load, the worse the first impression. Internet users often care about speed over other important functionalities. Slow pages are the cause of 40% of users to leave the website at the landing page, and 18% to abandon their shopping cart. Investing in a good server will reduce page load time, optimise the website and improve the sites performance.



The website must be simple, clean and easy to navigate so that customers can quickly find information and any products or services offered. Most internet users will give up and try another website if they are confused from a complex and noisy website.


Responsive Design

In the past few years mobiles and other devices have been increasing, so to provide the best user experience for customers on all devices, it is crucial to have a responsive web design in your site. According to Google 90% of multiple device owners switch between devices to complete tasks. Content should be able to be resized to all types of screen so that the website is compatible and potential customers can be converted.

Another advantage of a compatible website is that Google uses mobile-friendliness as factor in ranking websites on its search engine, essentially improving organic traffic numbers.


Build Trust with Security Logo

Another way to improve the quality and trust of your website is by adding security logos authenticated by trustful agencies. Using certified logos makes the website and its content more credible and gives consumers a sense of security when making transactions, which will result in an improved conversion rate.


These are just some tips that you can do to optimize your website to attract more traffic. If you are ready to update your website, call AU Digital on 9907 3136 and speak with one of our team.