Create an email account in Thunderbird

Create an email account in Thunderbird

Note: You may be asked if you want to import settings from other email software, such as Outlook Express. This guide shows you how to set up a new mailbox from scratch.

Step 1: Open Thunderbird

Step 2: The Account Wizard will open, If the wizard does not open automatically, click Account Settings in the Tools menu.


Step 3: Click the Add Account button.


Step 4: Select the Email account radio button, then click Next.


Step 5: Enter your name in the Your Name text-box. This is what most people will see when you send them an email. Then enter your email address in the Email Address text-box, then click the Next button.


Step 6: Depending upon your favored connection type, check either POP or IMAP as the incoming server type.

Step 7:

  • Incoming server: Enter (replacing with your domain name)
  • Outgoing Server: Enter (replacing with your domain name). You will only see this option if this is the first mailbox you’ve setup in Thunderbird.


Step 9: Enter your full email address in the Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name text-boxes.

You will only see the Outgoing User Name text box if this is the first account you’ve set up in Thunderbird.


Step 11: Use the Account Name text-box to enter the name you want to use to identify this account, then click Next. This name will only be visible to you.


Step 12: Confirm the details you have entered, click Finish, then click OK to close the Account Settings window.


Step 13: (optional) If this was not the first account you have set up in Thunderbird, you need to set up your SMTP server. Click on the Tools menu, then Account Settings.

Step 14: (optional) Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the list on the left, and then click the Add button to the right of the window.


Step 15: (optional)

Enter the following details for your outgoing (SMTP) server:

  • Description: Enter a description to identify this SMTP server. This can be anything, but it’s a good idea to enter the email address.
  • Server Name: (replacing with your domain name).
  • Port:
    Non SSL = 587
    SSL = 465
  • Use name and password: Should be selected.
  • User Name: Enter the email address.
  • Use secure connection: Select No.


When you have entered everything click OK, then OK again to close the Account Settings window.


Note: The first time you access your mailbox, Thunderbird will ask for the password you chose when the mailbox was created.

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