Mobile Optimisation

Half of all business searches are performed on a mobile device and research indicates by 2015, mobile internet users will surpass the number of desktops.

There are two ways to mobile optimise –

1) Build a mobile website

This involves creating a light version of your website that is faster and quicker to download. Although it means that you have another website that needs to be managed, it is sensible to build a mobile website, especially if you have specific and different mobile promotions.

This can be published on different website addresses (i.e. or


2) Build/Upgrade the design of your website to a responsive design

In a responsive design, the website is designed to respond to the resolution, size , input methods (keyboard or touch screen) and orientation (portrait or landscape) of the device. The data on the device can be queried with media queries (a CSS3 feature) and will adjust the page elements such as navigation, column width, text size and images accordingly.

This allows a single website to be clearly displayed on a mobile, tablet and computer.

Our Services include –

  • Mobile Website
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Conversation (GoMo)
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing (SMS)
  • Click to Call
  • Mobile Maps

Mobile apps are built using the phone’s operating system and hardware functions and can be made available on an “APP store”.
If you have an idea for an mobile app we would love to hear it.

Make your website mobile friendly today!

Mobile Optimisation
Should you get a separate mobile website or a responsive designed website? Will your marketing be different on different devices?
Be mobile friendly and capture a wider audience. Google prefers mobile friendly websites and so do your customers.

Knowledge Base

01. What is a Smart Phone?

A mobile phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, including:

iPhone (iOS)
Android Phones
Microsoft Phones

Smart phones in conjunction with tablets are becoming more popular mediums.

02. What videos and animations don't work on mobile phones?

Legacy websites that were built using Adobe Flash do not run on mobile devices.

03. How do I promote my services using my mobile device?

Speak to a professional to discuss your options moving forward. We offer mobile advertising, Click to Call, Click to Maps and SMS marketing.

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