Improve & Automate Your Website

Website Automation

Improve & Automate Your Website

AU Digital has experience customising various solutions to suit a variety of needs. We can help assess what you want to achieve and recommend various approaches.

Marketing Automation

Prior to the Internet, advertising was predominately found in the Yellow Pages, TV, radio or billboards. The problem today is that Yellow Pages no longer exists in paper format and no longer sent to every household and does not have the same presence online. TV has been replaced with on demand streaming and the Internet. Radio can only capture small windows of time and is also being replaced by on demand music and podcasts.

To succeed, you need to find where your target customers can be found. In one form or another it will be online. Consumers are now more savvy, demanding, and impatient. The game has changed. Your customers are now more informed and are information hungry. They want to know they have a made a well-informed decision before they contact you. Even if they find your website, if you do not give them the information and do not deliver it the way they expect it to be delivered, then you are behind your competitors. It’s no longer enough to just build a website and hope that they will come.

Ever shopped online but didn’t quite make the payment because you changed your mind? Notice how sometimes you receive an email a few minutes later with a special offer just for being interested, just for you? That’s marketing automation.

Ever given your email address on a website because it offered a great piece of information delivered direct to your inbox for free? You’ll find that you’ll then slowly receive more regular email communications from that same website. This is another example of marketing automation.

Even clicking on a Google Ad and then seeing similar ads from the same business multiple times is marketing automation. Online Ads can follow you as you keep searching online.

Just advertising online via Google Ads or social media isn’t enough. Customers will only trust websites that have a sense of authority and that is achieved through content on your website. Answering your customers’ commonly asked questions is the best starting point.

AU Digital can help you with a marketing plan that incorporates content marketing and automation. We offer recommendations tailored to suit your target customers. Only advertise where your customers are found and only provide information relevant to them. We also ensure that your website does not deter customers by always checking both desktop and mobile experiences.

Process Automation

Manual processes can be converted to digital to save manual labour and reduce human error. Not only that, it could tie in with a marketing automation strategy.

If you still take appointment bookings manually on paper, you are losing out on valuable information tracking. Online appointment systems now send your customers reminder texts and/or emails closer to appointment dates. These contacts can also be marketed to via email or SMS. It helps retain customers as well as nurtures them to be kept informed of your full range of products and/or services.

Any paper based or old system administration can be converted to digital format and we can customise a solution based on your needs.

Examples include:

  • Converting from Microsoft Access to a web based solution
  • Converting forms to online format. This could be entered by your customers to save you from having to enter information into another system. This can also be converted to other digital formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF. The data captured on these forms may also be used in automatic report generation.
  • Building online eCommerce systems. Businesses with only shop fronts may consider an online presence to expand market reach.
  • Customer portals – providing customer login areas to view information they usually want via self service.
  • Integration with external systems such as eBay, Xero, MYOB, payment gateways etc.

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