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Facebook and Google Social Media Platforms

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Facebook is the established and traditional platform for social media. Facebook groups are created for special interest groups and the traditional chat feature is there to interact with your friends and business associates. It is still the most popular place to connect with family and friends and thus has the strongest reach. All of these factors need to be kept in mind when using the Facebook platform.

To better engage with your customers, build and promote your Facebook business page with news updates, promotions, competitions and events to increase your likes. This is the best way to interact with your customers and expand your reach.

Use Facebook Advertising to manage your Facebook Ads to your relevant target audience. Although it is likely that Google Adwords will form the lion's share of your advertising, there is a strong market to use Facebook Ads.

Google Plus links your Google profile with your search traffic and a Google +1 carries more weight for your search optimisation on the Google platform so that it is a feature you cannot ignore.

Google Plus introduces several new concepts to the social media world and can be overwhelming to use.

  • Circles - Share things with specific people in your circle. You can have a business circle and a personal circle to keep your business life and your personal life separate.
  • Group Chat (Huddle) - Create a group chat for a meeting room discussion
  • Sparks - Share and correlate information and interest easily.
  • Video Chat (Hangouts) - Great way to do a Q&A or even do a product demonstration.
Facebook vs Google+
Choose Facebook for Global Reach and Google+ for targeted marketing.
Search Engine Optimisation at its core is keywords, content and links with a bit of analytics and social media in the mix. In the end it is all about quality and presence; this is where we go the extra mile.

Knowledge Base

01. What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook allows you to create business Ads on the Facebook platform. Facebook also has an Ad targeting feature based on web browsing. This allows marketers to deliver more relevant Ads.

02. What is Google Plus Local?

Google+ Local helps users discover and share places.

Discover great places with reviews from people in your circles. You'll see their recommendations all across Google, including Google+, Search, and Maps.

03. What is the difference between Facebook Likes and Google +1?

Facebook Like button allows you to like pieces of content and share them with your friends.

The "Like Box" is designed for Facebook pages to promote content and embed feeds from other pages.

Google +1 is an annotation system which interacts with organic and paid results, web pages, and your Google contacts.
E.g. If you +1 an AdWords AD it comes up higher in your search results i.e +1 allows you to build credibility and a validation of the term.

Google+ Follow is your Google follower. This is treated as a more trusted source who you can share content with.

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