Brochure/Flyer Design

Online Fusion understands that a brilliant design can do wonders to help promote your brand. Brochures and Flyers are one of the fundamental forms of effective marketing.

Flyer and Brochures come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes and formats and serve as an first introduction of your company to a prospective client. Both inform customers of your products and services to create a point of difference from your competitors. It is therefore important that the structure and design communicates a powerful, informative and memorable message to your customers so that you can stand out from the crowd.

With each flyer and brochure we will develop a fresh and unique concept.

Content is just as important as design as it provides information about your product and services. Images convey the message we work with both professional photographers and stock photos.

Our goal is to captivate our audience at first glance..

Online Fusion develops the type of publication that suits your needs. We pride ourselves in offering creative, targeted designs. We partner with the best printing companies in Australia to ensure you receive a quality finished product.

Brochure/Flyer Design
Brilliant designs that grab your attention in an instant.
Our Secret formula
Eye catching brochures and flyers have design, depth, colour and purpose.

Knowledge Base

01. What is the difference between a brochure and flyer?

Brochures are generally a standard-size sheet of paper that has been folded two times to create four panels (bi-fold) or folded three times to create six panels (tri-fold).

Best for –
Follow up meetings after an initial sales contact.
Detailed information complementary with a flyer.
Direct mail campaigns as the follow-up to generate interest.

Flyers are printed on a single A4 piece of paper. Flyers are best for small scale marketing and mail dropping. Flyers are a cost effective way to get information about your products and services out to a large number of people.

Best for –
Announcements of events, specials and competitions
Product information and specifications
Fact sheets for trade shows, events or conferences.

02. What is involved in a printing process?

When working with a commercial printing service you need to account for bleed and trim. Templates are usually provided in Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop to make this easy.

03. What about printing quality?

We recommend customers understand the quality of print they are getting. Customer needs to take into consideration colour contrast, flyer and font size fonts and should insist on a printed samples. If it doesn’t work well you may have to change fonts, increase the size or rethink the design and colour co-ordination

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