Principle Finance is a boutique corporate financier providing finance and lease facilities specifically for aircraft and high value imaging medical equipment.

Project Requirements

Principle Finance approached us with an existing logo and website which they wanted to modernize their branding and online image. Their logo was good but they felt it did not reflect their image well. We went through quite a few design phases to get this to the client’s liking with a lot of close candidates. The key here was to have something simple that could look good in inverted colours black and white. The colour scheme on their website needed to reflect their new logo and business card which is black and white. Ideal for inverting colours for print and design.

Project Solutions

Make modifications to their logo to modernise their branding. We changed the font to be a hand-written style and added a faded spot light lines in a V formation like the potential lines of a flying object. We also redesigned their email signature and business card so they could have a consistent look.


  • Logo Redesign
  • Website Redesign
  • Email Signature
  • Business Card Design
  • SEO Starter Pack





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