Manly Backpackers provide accommodation to tourists visiting Manly. They're next to the beach with a large hostel so they service a lot of visitors each year. First impressions count when attracting tourists to stay at your accommodation. An online presence is the main drive for a potential backpacker to decide on where to stay. They’re looking for a fun action packed place with lots of people and activities. That’s why the website design is so important here.

Project Requirements

The website was dated and didn’t communicate all the activities and benefits of staying at Manly Backpackers. The client needed a fresh modern look that appealed to people between the ages 18 and 35 who were not Australian.

People were finding it hard to navigate on the site which was a big problem considering most backpackers use their mobile phones to review hostels before making a booking.

The site was becoming difficult to make edits in the backend using an older CMS. The client needed a more intuitive backend which most of their staff can quickly pick up the reigns and make minor edits without the cost of having developers do the work.

Social engagement for both SEO and informative purposes were needed to bolster their visitors to their site and engage with their current and past clients. Utilising their social media accounts and website was a priority here.

Project Solutions

The only way to make a site approachable, fun, modern, and appealing to such a specific group such as foreigners looking for a fun time between 18 and 35 years old is to go with a custom design. We had quite a lot of back and forth with the client and their peers to get it looking just right but it was worth it as visitors have increased a lot since the site has gone live and feedback is due to the impression the site makes on the online visitors.

To ensure Manly Backpackers didn’t lose any potential clients on their phones due to a poor user experience we made the site mobile responsive. This means when the site is viewed on a mobile or tablet device the website adjusts to fit the screen height and width.

To simplify life for their staff and make editing the site easy we set up the site using WordPress Content Management System. The staff find it easier to make minor edits and any major changes are now cheaper quotes from us as this system has a lot more functionality and versatility than many of CMS platforms.

To improve their engagement with visitors and attract more of an audience we recommended creating more of their own content such as images, videos and blogs. We then set up an automatic forward system so every time they post a blog that blog is sent to their Facebook page. We also created several image galleries and a space for multiple videos to load via Youtube.


  • Custom Redesign
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Convert site from old CMS to WordPress CMS
  • Social Media, Images, and Video Integration with a Blog / News Archive and galleries





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