Global Academic Ventures partners with universities to provide academic programs to enhance each student's experiential learning opportunities. With permanent local presence in 4 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore), and seasonal presences in more, the company has been pioneering new education programs to appeal to the new generation of study abroad students. In order to service students, Global Academic Ventures engaged AU Digital to provide an online system to streamline the student registration and management process. This new system has allowed them to cut down on manual processes and provide a better service.

Project Requirements

A new website design with a simple layout and user friendly features was required to showcase Global Academic Ventures.

A simple student registration system was needed where administrators could bulk upload a list of universities, as well as students per university. The ability to email bulk students login access to the website was also needed so that students can access a private student area to register their details, make payments online, as well as access digital documents and upload digital documents. The system needed to be user friendly for administrators as well as students.

Charts and reporting to analyse data was needed over time as the system was actively used. This makes it easier for administrators to track payments and registration numbers. Over time, easy tools become important to assess and forecast for growth. This assists in future planning for Global Academic Ventures.

Project Solutions

The design process involved 2 mock up designs with refinements on the best design. A custom CMS was then developed with a front end based on the design.

A custom solution was developed using MVC framework. This allows for flexibility and scalability as more functionality can be easily built on top when needed. Our back end developers worked in conjuction with our front end developers to develop user friendly areas. Bulk uploads can be easily made, administrators can check data and select who to email. Validation is checked when students enter data to minimise incorrect data entries. Completed PDF documents are generated that are timestamped and automatically emailed to students, confirming agreements. Online payments are accepted via a secure SSL encrypted private area. Confirmation emails are sent to administrators and students to ensure validity.

A custom dashboard was developed with bar charts as a quick view showing the number of registered students per university and deposit and balance payments made. Excel exports for various areas such as payment history and student details were custom developed. Custom reports were developed based on requirements provided by Global Academic Ventures.


  • Custom Design
  • Custom CMS and PHP programming
  • Authorize.Net payment gateway delivered in a secure SSL, private environment
  • PDF and automatic email generation
  • Bulk imports/exports of data
  • Private student area
  • User friendly



Custom Private Area

Custom Student Dashboard

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