Do Your Customers Feel Insecure on Your Website?

Do you have an online enquiry form on your website? Does your website require passwords, credit card details or any other form of user data? If you do, it is time to update your website’s security. In response to recent security breaches, email hackings and ransomware attacks, Google is working to make users feel more […]

How to Deliver a Seamless Buying Experience

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales by following this check list and improving your customer buying experience. Does it work? Online shoppers want an easy shopping experience. The less clicks the better. If they encounter issues when making a purchase, they will give up. Does your website load reasonably fast? Online shoppers are impatient. […]

Is Your Website 2017 Ready?

IS YOUR WEBSITE 2017 READY? Here is a handy checklist for your online business Website load time around 5 seconds. Use the pingdom load time test. Remember to select “test from Australia”. Click here to test now. If the load time is slow Google may rank your competitors above you and visitors may be getting […]

Google AdWords: Does the highest bidder display in top position?

In short; no, the highest bidder does not display at the top of the AdWords results. It’s a combination between the highest bidder and the highest quality score. Your quality score is a combination of factors which enable Google to calculate how likely users are to click on your advert. A 1-10 quality score is […]

What is a landing page?

Some clients call up saying they want a landing page. This means they have heard how important these are to generate business online. We then need to explain what makes a landing page. Any page online can be a page that visitors and potential customers can land on. It could be your homepage, about us […]

Google Adwords on mobile phone

When settings up your Google Adwords campaign you need to work out if you want your ads to display on mobile. The basic rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t display on mobile if your website is not responsive (mobile friendly). This means the user experience is bad for people viewing your website on their […]

How to calculate your Adwords Budget

A big mistake is to jump into your Google Adwords campaign without working out if it’s a good idea or not. Ultimately, are you going to make more money than you invest? Your investment is your monthly Google budget. Every time a person clicks on your ad your budget will be reduced by the maximum value […]

Major PayPal Update: SSL Certificates Mandatory

PayPal Security Updates – What Does it all Mean? If you have logged into PayPal recently you will have seen a message about changes required to integrate PayPal as below: This links to an information site here: Be aware that if you do not use PayPal at all on your website, then you are […]

How to convert your website visitors into leads

Don’t invest in increasing your website traffic without ensuring your site can convert traffic to leads. Firstly you need to focus on the design of your website. Does your site tick all of the design must haves below? Call to action buttons. What do you want the visitor to do? Fill in a form? Call […]

Website Maintenance Packages

  Website Maintenance Packages – Why do we need them? Your website is just like a car. It needs regular checkups and maintenance for general wear and tear. Sometimes it even needs to be fixed due to break ins. These break ins may include malware attacks. You need to regularly update your website security by updating […]

One tip on increasing leads and sales from your site

  What is a “Call to action” button? It is normally a phone number or an enquiry / booking link. It is always a bright colour or at least it stands out from the rest of the website, helping your potential customers find your contact details and therefore convert your users into leads and then […]

How does your business generate new leads?

Many businesses rely too heavily on one marketing source for new business leads. It’s only until that marketing source dries up you realise all your eggs were in one basket. In today’s ever changing online world there are so many different options available to help grow your business. Taking on a multi-channel approach to your […]